Shannon Siwak

Shannon had been a client of Pat’s for 18 years before joining the team. Pat has always been impressed with Shannon’s diligent investing, her ability to take advice, and her understanding of the industry.

Shannon has a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Human Resource Management from the University of Saskatchewan. She spent almost two decades working as an instructor of business administration at the Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies, teaching basic accounting, economics, organizational behaviour and statistics.

As a busy working mom, Shannon relates to many of Pat’s clients. Shannon has three daughters, all of whom take dance. As a “dance mom,” she dedicates much of her spare time to helping her daughters and their classmates with practices and recitals. Always up for learning something new, she has even given dance a go herself by taking adult tap classes.

Shannon says she’s excited to be working with Pat and Darcie, noting that they are great teachers and that the three of them are like a little family unit.